Eating smart can be taken a lot of ways… No fast food, no cookies, and lots of salads…..Right? Calories in and calories out, sounds simple enough.


Not at all.

By eating small, unbalanced amounts, or less food, will in turn cause your metabolism, your body’s fat burning engine, to run on little to no fuel, thus making it burn slower and slower. Less food in your day for months or even years will get you weaker, and in some cases will make you gain more body fat in the end, and before you know it you are officially “skinny fat”. Your metabolism as slowed down, you are hungry, tired, and completely frustrated at your lack of progress.

Officially over it, you eat whatever you want. Any weight you did lose is back with extra on top of it. Let’s all beat our heads against the wall together.
Now that eating small as not worked, let me tell you how eating smart can help rebuild that metabolism, and get your body to USE your food and not STORE it. Guess what, with self control and balance you will be able to eat a HUGE variety of food, not be starving, and lose weight without feeling like you are on a “diet” but it’s just the way you eat! Because you LIKE IT!

When I say eating smart, what I’m saying is make informed choices with your food. One thousand calories at the salad bar is not the same as one thousand calories at the drive through, nor will your body use the foods in the same way. For example if you put cheap gas in your car, how well does it run compared to when you put premium in the tank? Your body is the same way, it needs fuel to run and function.

Back to smart choices. By making smart food selections, you are able to eat more because your body can identify the food and shuttle to the place it can utilize it the most. Each meal in your day should have a balance of proteins, carbohydrates (yes you need these), and fats.

If your food intake is unbalanced or sporadic, (no breakfast today body, sorry gotta get going) you body will do whatever it has to to make sure you will survive your day. No food? Alright, I will use some of this muscle over here and a little stored fat from there to get you to lunch. Now you have a huge lunch, because you skipped breakfast. You body knows this is way too much fuel, so it’s going to store it in all your fat cells all over your body to use another day. Now repeat this process every day for years……

My point here is by making consistent, smart food choices, and feeding your body a steady flow of unprocessed whole foods, you will not only feel full, but your body will turn into a fuel guzzling machine that will give you consistent and steady energy for your day, and the longevity to power you through life.